Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Sustainability Strategy

Principal Indonesia aims to be the top choice for sustainable finance management, striving to create financial products and services that promote sustainability while raising environmental awareness. Our core objective is to support the sustainable development of Indonesia by offering secure financial solutions for individuals and businesses to adapt to a changing world.​

Our sustainability strategy consists of three pillars: Products & Services, Practices, and People.

Under "Products & Services," we focus on delivering sustainable financial offerings. In the "Practices" pillar, we embed sustainable methods in our operations while maintaining an ethical and transparent culture. In the "People" pillar, we empower our workforce, fostering an environment of integrity, respect, and trust and offering opportunities for growth.

Principal Indonesia is committed to sustainable finance, environmental awareness, and the sustainable growth of Indonesia, providing secure financial solutions to our clients.

Our Objective​

We aim to commit and support the sustainable development in Indonesia through secure financial journey by helping the people and businesses be better prepared and equipped with the changing needs of the world around us.​

Our sustainability strategy is made up of three activation pillars :

  • Products & Services​

Providing and expanding sustainable investment product and financial solution to Indonesia community as part of Principal Group’s sustainability commitment for better outcomes for people, society and the environment overtime.​

  • Practices

Embedding sustainable practices by focusing on how to serve better our customers and setting significant environmental goals for our company to combat the climate crisis while maintaining a culture of ethics and transparency.​

  • People

Harnessing the power of our people to support a working environment of integrity, respect, community, and trust by building a more diverse and engaged workforce by providing clear pathways for development and growth.​


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