Top tips for a smart move

As life changes, our living situation often does, too. From buying a first home to updating your current home to moving to a new one, these tips can help you choose the best house for your needs and budget. 

Rent or buy?
There are benefits to both, depending on your lifestyle and financial situation. 

Purchasing your first home
Yes, buying a home can be complicated. But if you know what to expect, the process is easier.

Increasing your value
Whether you are thinking of moving or just want to freshen up your space, there are lots of ways to update your home—and increase its value. 

Need more square footage? Be sure you are clear about where and why you need the space. Is it bigger bedrooms you are after? A more functional kitchen layout? Room for guests?

Job changes, kids leaving the house—there are lots of reasons why moving to a smaller home might be the best choice. And remember, downsizing your home may mean downsizing your stuff, too. Here are 10 amazing tips* from organising queen, Marie Kondo.

Remember what is right for you
No matter where you are at in life, think about the living situation that will work best for your budget and family. There are no set rules—only what’s right for you.

*Source: Williams, J. (7 January 2019). 10 steps for decluttering the Marie Kondo way.