Reksa Dana Principal Cash Fund

Fund Performance

As at date :
Fund Year To Date Performance (%) 1 Month (%) 6 Month (%) 1 Year (%) 3 Year (%) Since Inception (%) NAV Fund Size*
Reksa Dana Principal Cash Fund 0.42 % 0.42 % 1.81 % 3.75 % 10.10 % 78.34 % IDR 1783.3900 IDR 109.22

Dividend History

General Information

Principal Cash Fund Aims to maintain the value of investment and obtain a rate of return that is in accordance with the level of risk that can be received in the medium term through investment On domestic money market instruments and debt securities denominated in Rupiah or other foreign currencies that are short-term (under 1 year).

Several benefits from this mutual fund are: benefits of professional management, economic scale, investment value growth and ease of investment disbursement / withdrawal.



Fund Details

Investment Time HorizonRecommended up to 1 year.
Initial InvestmentMinimum IDR 100.000
Additional InvestmentMinimum IDR 100.000 or more at any time.
Redemption/WithdrawalMinimum IDR 100.000.
Effective DateNovember 16, 2011
Inception DateDecember 23, 2011
Approved Fund Size (units)Up to 1.0 billion units.
CustodianDeutsche Bank

Fund Fees

Application FeesNot available 
Annual FeesManagement Fee: Maximum 1.00% per annum of the NAV
Custodian Fee: Maximum 0.25% per annum of the NAV
Switching FeesNot available
Redemption feesNot available