Reksa Dana Syariah Principal Income Fund Syariah

Fund Performance

As at date :
Fund Year To Date Performance (%) 1 Month (%) 6 Month (%) 1 Year (%) 3 Year (%) Since Inception (%) NAV Fund Size*
Reksa Dana Syariah Principal Income Fund Syariah 4.03 % -0.97 % 2.68 % 7.15 % 0.00 % 8.57 % IDR 1085.6700 IDR 10.34

Dividend History

General Information


Aims to obtain attractive and optimal investment returns in the long run while still providing adequate income through investments in fixed income Sharia Securities in the Capital Market, including Sukuk and Sharia money market instruments.

With an investment portfolio composition of minimum 80% of the Net Asset Value, Principal Income Fund Syariah will invest in investment portfolio composition as below: 

- Minimum 80% and maximum 100% from Net Assets Value of fixed income Sharia Securities including Sukuk, released by the government of Republic of Indonesia  and / or Indonesian corporations that has been offered in Public Offering and / or traded on Indonesia Stock Exchange and gain the ranking from credit ranking agency and has been registered in OJK and included in good investment grade. 

- Minimum 0% &  maximum 20% from Net Assets Value on domestic Sharia money market instrument and / or Sharia deposits; to comply with the regulations of Republic of Indonesia.

Fund Details

Distribution Policy The Manager has the discretion to distribute part or all of the Fund’s distributable income. The distribution (if any) may vary from period to period depending on the investment objective and the performance of the Fund.
Investment Time Horizon Recommended for long-term.
Initial Investment Minimum Rp 100.000
Additional Investment Rp 100.000 per transaction
Redemption/Withdrawal Rp 100.000  per transaction
Effective Date September 8, 2020
Inception Date March 16, 2021
Approved Fund Size (units) Up to Rp 2 billion units.
Custodian Bank Syariah Indonesia 

Fund Fees

Application Fees Maximum 2.00% on each investment
Annual Fees Management Fee: Maximum 2.00% per annum of the NAV
Custodian Fee: Maximum 0.25% per annum of the NAV
Switching Fees 2.00% administrative fee for every switch made out of a fund.
Redemption fees Maximum 2.00% on each investment