Reksa Dana Principal Philanthropy Social Impact Bond Fund

Fund Performance

As at date :
Fund Year To Date Performance (%) 1 Month (%) 6 Month (%) 1 Year (%) 3 Year (%) Since Inception (%) NAV Fund Size*
Reksa Dana Principal Philanthropy Social Impact Bond Fund 1.72 % -0.47 % 2.18 % 2.61 % 8.88 % 44.14 % IDR 1441.4400 IDR 0.80

Dividend History

General Information

Being happy and being kind are two things we often strive to be in life. Sometimes we don’t realize that the two are very closely linked. Doing good deeds can bring untold amounts of blessing; both for the recipient and the benefactor. Nobody loses when it comes to kindness.

In response to our commitment to help people live their best lives, we are launching “Principal Philanthropy Social Impact Bond Fund”. It is the 1st Fixed Income Thematic Philanthropy Fund with the objective to contribute positive social impact and be empowered to support selective social causes. 

The fund’s annual return will be donated to pre-determined social organizations which later will fulfill 17 Sustainable Development Goals* (SDG) set by the United Nation for Indonesia with target goal in 2030. 

The fund will be invested in Rupiah denomination with the composition of a minimum 80% of the Net Asset Value of Government Bond (max. 3 years) and a maximum of 20% of the Net Asset Value of Money Market Instruments and/or Time Deposits. 

As we know the results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation. Each kind deed sends a rippling action of kindness to humanity.

Your investment will create a big impact and positive transformation to other’s life. With you, Principal Asset Management not just only an ordinary investment house but together we plant good seeds for our future generation.

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Fund Details

Investment Time Horizon Recommended short-term
Initial Investment Minimum IDR 100.000
Additional Investment Minimum IDR 100.000
Redemption/Withdrawal Minimum IDR 100.000
Effective Date January 05, 2017
Inception Date May 12, 2017
Custodian Bank Standard Chartered
Subscription Fees Maximum 2.00%
Annual Fees Management Fee: Maximum 1.00% per annum of the NAV
Custodian Fee: Maximum 0.25% per annum of the NAV
Switching Fees Maximum 2.00% 
Redemption Fees Maximum 2.00%



Endowment Scheme

Holders of Participation Units can participate in the Endowment Investment program, wherein the investment proceeds distributed by the Investment Manager will be channeled in the form of donations to the Donor Recipients whose payments are made through book-entry or transfer in Rupiah to the Donor Recipient's account.

the choice of the Endowment Investment Program as follows:

Silver Donations will come from a portion of the benefits of this Investment Manager service and all investment results obtained by PRINCIPAL PHILANTHROPY SOCIAL IMPACT BOND FUND, while the fixed investment principal is the right of the Participation Unit Holder.
Gold Donations will be sourced from a portion of the services of the Investment Manager and all investment principal values and investment returns from PRINCIPAL PHILANTHROPY SOCIAL IMPACT BOND.